From St. Charles' Church to the University of Technology

Just a few steps from Hotel Drei Kronen, Karlsplatz offers a multitude of places that are worth a visit. St. Charles' Church, built between 1716-1737 according to plans from Fischer von Erlach, dominates the square. The Künstlerhaus, Musikverein concert hall, Vienna Museum and University of Technology are also located here. In addition, Karlsplatz is the central transportation hub for the underground system, three of the five lines stop here.

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna, TU Austria) is Austria's largest scientific and technical research and educational institution and was founded in 1815. Most of the buildings are located in Vienna city centre on Karlsplatz in the 4th district of Vienna and are therefore close to many important cultural monuments (St. Charles' Church, Vienna Museum, Musikverein, Künstlerhaus, Secession building).

The four major campuses of the University of Technology,
which are all within walking distance of the hotel, are:

The historic main building houses the institutes of architecture, spatial planning, civil engineering and many of the administration offices.

The University’s institutes of chemistry and mechanical engineering have been located here since the First World War. Extensive construction and renovation work has given this campus a new lease of life in recent years. The most striking part of this renovation project is the Plus-Energy Office High-Rise Building.

The institutes of electrical engineering and information technology as well as computer science can be found in the Gußhausstraße and Favoritenstraße areas. The most important buildings are the old electrical engineering institute at Gußhausstraße 25 and the new electrical engineering institute at the corner of Favoritenstraße / Gußhausstraße. The majority of the computer science institutes are located at Favoritenstraße 9-11.

The Freihaus campus mainly houses the institutes of technical physics and technical mathematics as well as the university’s library.